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Everyone loves a great film so why not give a gift that will make them smile/ laugh/ cry/ scream/ giggle/ guffaw/ get hot under the collar – depending on their choice of movie?

Gift Vouchers

Click on the link below to purchase a gift voucher for a sofa for two OR two luxury seats.

Valid from 29th April 2022.

Click here to purchase

Previous Vouchers

Any voucher purchased prior to our lockdown will need to be exchanged to allow booking online. As our price structure has changed since reducing capacity in line with social distancing, we now only have one sofa. Therefore previous sofa vouchers will be exchanged for two armchairs and vouchers for two armchairs for two vintage seats. We will be exchanging vouchers for the next few months only so please contact the box office before the end August 2021. Sadly after this date any voucher purchased prior to March 2020 will no longer be valid.