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National Theatre Live: Straight Line Crazy  12A

National Theatre Live: Straight Line Crazy
Ralph Fiennes stars in David Hare’s blazing account of the life of a man whose iron will exposed the weakness of democracy in the face of charismatic conviction. 

For forty uninterrupted years, Robert Moses was the most powerful man in New York. Though never elected to office, he manipulated those who were through a mix of guile, charm and intimidation. 

Motivated at first by a determination to improve the lives of New York City’s workers, he created new parks, new bridges and 627 miles of expressway to connect the people to the great outdoors. But in the 1950s, groups of citizens at grass roots began to organize against his schemes and against the motor car, campaigning for a very different idea of what a city was and for what it should be. 

“It’s a fascinating true story, and an intriguing parable about the nature of power and democracy” – Time Out 

“What I love about this subject… Is that I’m not giving a handle to the audience, saying: this is the correct way to look at Robert Moses. I hope you go out arguing about him.” – David Hare for The Daily Telegraph

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19:00 Thu 9th Jun
14:00 Sun 12th Jun
  • DirectorNicholas Hytner
  • Runtime180 mins
  • Starring
    Ralph Fiennes
  • Release2022
  • BBFC Cert12A