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Joyride  TBC

Faced with a new-born baby and the shadow of her own neglected upbringing, Joy (Colman) decides that motherhood isn’t for her. 

Mully’s problem on the other hand is his wayward father and his criminal pursuits. Having run off with a pile of his father’s money, Mully commandeers a taxi, not realising that it already has a couple of passengers – a very hungover Joy and her baby. United in their plans to escape, Joy and Mully go on the run. A feel-good adventure comedy.

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19:30 Fri 19th Aug
19:45 Mon 22nd Aug
14:30 Wed 24th Aug
17:00 Thu 25th Aug
  • DirectorEmer Reynolds
  • Runtime120 mins (TBC)
  • Starring
    Olivia Colman
    Olwen Fouéré
    David Pearse
  • Release2022
  • BBFC CertTBC