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Everything Everywhere All At Once  15

Everything Everywhere All At Once
"whirlwinds of delicious madness" - Little White Lies

In this crazy sci fi adventure we follow Evelyn, a Chinese immigrant who’s family is on the verge of breaking down financially and emotionally when she’s suddenly thrown into exploring many universes for a power that’s wiping her very being from existence. 

There’s guaranteed laughs as we delve into the point of life in this mind-bending yet optimistic, martial arts comedy.

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19:45 Fri 3rd Jun
17:15 Sat 4th Jun
20:00 Wed 8th Jun
  • DirectorDaniels
  • Runtime139 mins
  • Starring
    Michelle Yeoh
    Ke Huy Quan
    Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Release2022
  • BBFC Cert15