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Eiffel  15

The film follows Gustave Eiffel (Duris) as he embarks upon the all-consuming task of designing and constructing one of the world’s best-loved landmarks – the Eiffel Tower. 

It is also, undeniably, the story of the beguiling and powerful Adrienne Bourgès (Mackey) whose relationship with Eiffel was instrumental in shaping the skyline of Paris and the future of the city.

In French with English subtitles. 

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17:00 Fri 19th Aug
19:30 Sun 21st Aug
14:30 Wed 21st Sep
  • DirectorMartin Bourboulon
  • Runtime108 mins
  • Starring
    Romain Duris
    Emma Mackey
  • Release2022
  • BBFC Cert15