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Andy Minion & John Hodson Present an Evening with Buster Keaton  U

Andy Minion & John Hodson Present an Evening with Buster Keaton
There haven't been many filmmakers as admired, imitated, and universally loved as Joseph "Buster" Keaton. From his childhood performing in the family vaudeville troupe to the heights of Hollywood stardom, followed inevitably by obscurity and the loss of control over his own material as audience tastes changed, and the eventual rediscovery of his "lost" classics and the adoration of a whole new generation - Buster's story is one of great highs and huge lows. 

Audiences still marvel at his inventiveness, timing, and precision - whether he's manoeuvring huge trains with balletic grace, being chased through the streets by hundreds of cops, dodging boulders in an avalanche, finding himself alone in a town being ripped apart by hurricanes, or simply getting into all kinds of hassle by trying to answer a phone and drink a glass of milk at the same time; no-one could ever second guess his routines or where the next gag was coming from. 

Ever finding himself at the mercy of a chaotic universe, Buster was always that same stoic, unsmiling, resigned presence that audiences everywhere identified with - as much now as a century ago. 

In An Evening With Buster Keaton, film historian Dr Andy Minion will tell the story of a remarkable life, with many excerpts of Buster's greatest moments on the big screen (including pieces drawn from the Film Archives of the University of Texas unseen for decades) with live musical accompaniment from the great Professor John Hodson. 

Suitable for people of all ages. Especially suitable for people of all ages who've never seen Buster Keaton at his best!

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19:00 Sun 11th Sep
  • Runtime120 mins
  • BBFC CertU