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The good thing about a crisis is that it brings home what’s really important, what really matters. So rather than throw a few band aids to try and make the business model work, we’ve fundamentally changed the building as well as our how we operate, so we can still provide you with a great place to relax, enjoy good company and watch great films whilst keeping you safe.

All the latest safety guidelines are there, we just hope that they’re not that obvious.

We needed to reduce the cinema capacity to ensure social distancing, so we’ve taken the seats out rather than put NOT IN USE signs on them, and then used the extra space to make sure every seat has its own side table. We were struggling to offer flexible seating for groups of more than two, so we’ve replaced the front row with two large sofas, large enough for a family of four. Or five with an added bean bag. And we’ve created a very special space at the back row, working with our uber-talented friends Paula & Maxine, to create the ‘Blackpop Box’ – to create the most decadent and sumptuous setting to watch a movie.

In the bar you’ll find we’ve installed a series of booths, which work to create an intimate, atmosphere but also keep you safely cocooned in your own private space.

Coupled with in-seat ordering, contactless payments, your own hand sanitisers, regular deep cleaning and increased fresh air circulation, you relax and enjoy a night at the movies, and forget about the craziness outside.

Safety Summary

+ Reduced capacity from 52 to 26
+ Booths installed to maintain bubbles
+ 1M+ between each pair of seats
+ Additional cleaning between films
+ Glass partitions installed
+ At-seat ordering
+ Hand sanitiser stations
+ Face coverings
+ Contact tracing for all
+ Contactless payments
+ Online booking
+ Staff Training & PPE