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Our Cinema Family

We are a family of film enthusiasts who have rejuvenated four cinemas in small towns with the hope of restoring them to the heart of the community. Read below to find out more information about the Ritz, Regal, Savoy & the Rex.

The Ritz – The Ritz is run by Amanda and opened in 2006 in nearby Belper in Derbyshire that was recently named high street of the year. It is our second smallest cinema, with just 99 seats. The Ritz shows a mix of cultural, commercial and classic films.

The Regal – The Regal Cinema is run by Jacob and Bryony and has 110 seats including 16 luxury seats, 5 sofa’s for two and 84 standard seats. The cinema is located in Melton Mowbray, known best for its boutique, luxury cinema – closely followed by the pork pies!

The Savoy – The Savoy cinema is run by Louis & Sophie and is located in Heaton Moor (just 9 miles away from the Rex!) and was renovated in 2015. It has 175 seats, including 7 sofas and 27 luxury seats. Many bars and eateries have opened since the Savoy reopened and it is now a brilliant location for a night out.

The Rex – The Rex Cinema is run by Louis and Sophie and has two screens, with over 170 seats including 27 luxury seats, 18 sofa’s for two and a 4 person VIP Box in the Balcony hall. The cinema is located in Wilmslow, known for its boutique shops and its affluent Cheshire setting.

Where it all started

Paul Carr & Esther Patterson opened The Northern Light Cinema back in 2013. A year earlier they didn’t know much about cinemas, and they sure didn’t know they were going to build one themselves.

With hours of research, tons of support from friends, family and a host of local volunteers (not to mention a few last minute loans), the doors opened on July 4th, 2013. Since then, the cinema has continued to provide much needed employment as well as entertainment to our town, with 2019 seeing over 18,000 tickets sold, bringing a treasured boost to the local economy.

Early in 2022, after seeing the cinema through a worrying period during the Coronavirus pandemic; in which they supported staff, as well as the local community and redmodelled the business to ensure the cinema’s survival – Paul and Esther decided to hand the running of the cinema over to Amanda and Tony Mundin.

They still are very much a part of the community in Wirksworth, and spend their time running their successful bespoke lighting business Curiousa & Curiousa . The cinema would not exist without their creativity, and we are very grateful for all they’ve done.